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Glanbrook Community Policing Meeting Review

Thank you to everyone who attended the community policing meeting at the Glanbrook Municipal Centre last Thursday. It was a very informative meeting with many thoughtful questions being asked.

Three police officers were in attendance including our local Crime Manager Sargent Clark, Acting Sargent Woodard, and Auxiliary Officer Eleftheiou. These officers gave presentations as well as took questions from those who attended.

The following information was shared:

The top three traffic complaints in the area are for speeding, trucks off truck routes and running of stop signs. Council does not have jurisdiction over day to day operations of the Hamilton Police. when Councillor Johnson’s office receives complaints of these nature they are forwarded to the police services.

Ward 11 is a part of the Hamilton Police’s division 30. This division also encompasses the areas of Ancaster, Flamborough, Dundas, Upper Stoney Creek and the entire Hamilton Mountain. The Glanbrook area makes up 5% of the population of Division 30, and 7% of its total housing. Beat officers within Division 30 must first attend to 911 calls and other emergencies before taking on traffic enforcement duties.

There are over 300 traffic tickets given a month in ward 11, White church Road is one of the highest with approximately 50 tickets a month being administered on the street.

In relation to the rest of the city, ward 11 experiences – 2.6% of total break & enters – 0.4% of robberies – 5.8% of automobile thefts – 2.6% of thefts from automobiles – 1.9% of total calls for services

The Hamilton Police Services has a crime mapping program that is available to the public to identify when and where certain types of crime have taken place in Hamilton during the last 60 days. You can find the crime mapping website by Clicking Here

A presentation was also made regarding crime prevention with tips on how to make your property safer. Crime Prevention Tips

In addition to posting the information on her web & social media pages, Councillor Johnson’s office sends out email notifications regarding times and dates of upcoming public meetings and community events. If you would like to be added to this list please email with your name & valid email address.

If you have any ideas or requests for what you would like the next public meeting to cover, please also email with the topic and she will add it to her list of future meetings.

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