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Focus group aims for complete streets on Barton, Fifty Road

Hamilton Spectator By Mike Pearson

The City of Hamilton is looking for ideas on how to make Barton Street and Fifty Road complete streets.

In conjunction with the Fruitland-Winona secondary plan, the city is conducting a municipal class environmental assessment to help shape long-term improvements in the area.

City project lead Margaret Fazio is leading a focus group of area residents, businesses, developers and community groups. The group is expected to present a preferred design alternative at a public meeting next year.

While the need for road widening is already assured, other elements, such as sidewalks, public transit and a multi-use trail are still up for discussion.

“We don’t have it predetermined. That’s why we’re going through this process,” said Fazio. “We know the roads will have to be widened. We know there will have to be some additional traffic lanes. But we also have to look at the long term, and all other modes of transportation that should be in a complete street.”

Fazio said the city is working within the parameters of the Stoney Creek Urban Boundary Expansion plan and the city-wide transportation master plan.

“We are also looking at current cycling master plan requirements. We’re looking at long-term transit needs,” said Fazio.

Fazio said the city is looking at establishing a continuous sidewalk on the north side of Barton Street. A four-metre multi-use path, or promenade, has been proposed for the south side.

The focus group, which is expected to be capped at 10 participants, will meet at key times during the environmental assessment process. The city plans to hold an introductory public information session on the project by next spring.

Preferred design alternatives would be presented to the public at a second public information centre.

While environmental assessments are typically valid for 10 years, Fazio said the city is looking beyond the next decade to determine the neighbourhood’s design needs.

The focus group will provide input to politicians, city staff and consultants.

Keeping in mind that Barton and Fifty are truck routes and well-travelled commuter roads, Fazio said people who use the roads but reside outside of the area are also invited to comment on the plan.

Anyone interested in participating in the study is asked to contact Fazio at 905-546-2424 ext. 2218 or email

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