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Fifty Rd Commercial Development Update

Penady has an application on the Tuesday December 3rd, 2013 agenda of the Planning Committee for a minor variance for the property know as 395 Fifty Rd, 400 Winona Rd and 1310 South Service Road (Fifty Rd Commercial Development area).

The purpose and effect of the proposed application is to modify the current site specific zoning on the properties by adding a “Warehouse membership Club,” “Personal Service Shop,” “Animal Hospital or Shelter,” “Kennel – Boarding” and “Post Office” as additional permitted uses. In addition, a reduction in the landscape strip width along a portion of Service Road from 5 metres to 3 metres is proposed.

The meeting starts at 9:30am at City Hall, 71 Main St W., Hamilton. If you wish to attend and present your views you are welcome or you can submit your written comments to the Co-ordinatore, Planning Committee in person or by emailing

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