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Drop In Recreation Programs

A new way to find and reserve your drop in program offerings!

Recreation Centres are now open and our priority is to meet demand for drop in programs with a focus on Open Swim and Gym. We are pleased to introduce an online reservation system for some of our specialty offerings including lengths swimming, water fit, pickleball and badminton. Usage of program offerings will be closely monitored to ensure a safe and measured approach to return to recreation.

We have updated our Program Finder with some additional features to make it easier to search, navigate, view and reserve tickets for drop in programs.

Online Ticket features include:

• Use your existing recreation account to view and reserve drop in programs for yourself and family members. • Search your preferred recreation facility for drop in programs using the same tools you are familiar with for registered programs • Enhanced search tools to help find programs that fit your schedule in real time. • Quick links to help you search, view or reserve your preferred programs at • Use your smart device to reserve a spot in upcoming drop in programs 24hrs in advance

How to prepare for online ticketing reservations

1. Visit 2. Create your user profile if you haven’t used our online registration or booking system before. Contact customer service at for assistance if required to avoid duplicate account creation. 3. Add your family members to your account 4. Save your email, password and member number from your account home page and you are ready to get started!

Visit and see the details on …

Program Finder Drop-In Swim Drop-In Gym

Remember if need assistance contact customer service at

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