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Dickenson Sanitary Sewer Weekly Update: June 17th

Here is the schedule for this week:


Shaft #1    Regional Road 56 and Golf Club Road

-tunneling from shaft #1 to Shaft #2 is ongoing, contractor is working 2 shifts

Shaft #2   Located west of house #3458 Golf Club Road

-no work at this location, single lane of traffic is open to residents at this location.

 Shaft #3      Golf Club Road and Trinity Church Road

-the contractor will begin mobilizing Microtunneling equipment to this location Wednesday June 19, 2024   

Shaft #4     Dickenson Road and Nebo Road

-working on starter tunnel installation continues all week

Shaft #5 - Dickenson Road, approximately 385m east of Glover Rd

-relief hole drilling till next Monday

Shaft #6    Dickenson Road and Nebo Road

-no work scheduled at this location

Maintenance Hole 32A   Dickenson Road and Glover Road

-Bell contractor is relocating Bell underground infrastructure out of the way as part of the contractor’s work

Maintenance Hole 33A  Dickenson Road between Trinity Church Road and Glover Road

-drilling for the shaft will begin Tuesday June 25, 2024

Open Cut Sewers – Miles Road to Upper James

-Subcontractor is installing the sewer pipe in the open cut trench (currently working between #8250 and  #8136 Dickenson Road).  The open cut sewer work is now 56% completed (1.4 km of the 2.5km sewer line installed to date).


All road closures still remain in effect, Miles Road to Upper James on Dickenson is closed to thru traffic, travel is still open for residents, city services, EMS and school buses.  Communication is being made with city services, EMS and school buses when the closure points are moved as the work progressed westerly towards Upper James.

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