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Councillor Johnson Hosts 2 Upcoming Community Meetings

.. Tues., Nov 8th for Summit Park Residents Thurs., Nov 10th for Winona Residents .. Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 at 6:30pm is a Traffic & Parking meeting for the Summit Park Residents. Summit Park is the residential area on the south side of Rymal Rd and east of Trinity Church and Fletcher Rd’s. This meeting will have Traffic and Parking staff in attendance as well as Police. Staff will advise residents of new strategies for traffic calming that are available and also what residents can do if they would like to see some changes to their on street parking or new stop signs or speed humps. The meeting will be held at the Glanbrook Municipal Building, 4280 Binbrook Road, next to the Glanbrook Arena.

Thursday, November 10th, 2016 at 6:30pm is a Traffic & Parking meeting for the Winona Residents. This meeting will be focused on those who live in Ward 11 East of Fruitland Road to the Niagara Boundary. This will be a very informative meeting about traffic calming and parking issues in the urban areas of Winona. Staff will introduce their new strategies for traffic calming which include speed reductions in some residential areas. This meeting will be at the Stoney Creek Municipal Building, 777 hwy #8 at Jones Rd.

The City Fire Chief will also be in attendance at the Winona meeting to talk about streets that require restricted parking from December to March starting this winter so that our emergency vehicles have a clear path to get to their destination. This restricted parking means that parking will only be permitted on one side of the street.

At this time the following streets have been recognized by our Emergency Service staff as requiring restricted parking from December to March: • Pettit • Benzinger Lane • Nanaimo Cr * Panorama Way • Montreal Circle • Kingston Rd • Halifax St. • Palace Beach and Galilea between Dartmouth Gate • In the Lakepoint survey all streets south of Panorama and Northhampton Bvd

Parking staff will be in attendance to respond to questions about parking changes on your street.

These will be a very informative meetings for residents so please mark your calendar and bring your questions and concerns to the meeting.

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