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Continue to Practice Physical Distancing

As the weeks wear on physical distancing becomes more frustrating but it is very important that everyone continues to keep their distance from one another. Here are some tips on how to properly physical distance:

• Stay 6 feet or 2 metres away from others at all time • Stay home except to get necessities • Have only one adult per household leave the home at a time to shop for necessities • Avoid shopping at peak times • If an aisle is crowded come back later • Keep distance in the checkout line. • Do not gather in groups • Avoid high traffic sidewalks • When walking and getting fresh air stick close to home and if possible, walk early in the morning to avoid crowds. • If you notice someone coming towards you cross the street or move a safe distance away until the other person passes • if you’re able, take the stairs rather than elevators • Remember, having your friends over for dinner or coffee is not physical distancing, connect with friends and family through technology such as Facetime, Zoom and through phone calls.

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