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Clean Up After the July 19th Storm (updated)

Councillor Johnson is working closely with staff regarding the cleanup efforts.  At this point the following arrangements have been made:

Place your downed branches in manageable bundles not to exceed 4 feet in length and 2 feet in width so that the waste truck can pick them up.  Place the bundles out on your regular pick up day and they will be picked up.  If you are unable to bundle the branches but you can get them to the end of your driveway,  City Staff will be around with a wood chipper to pick them up, but it may not be on your waste pickup day.  We ask for your patience as staff resources are stretched and they are working their way to you.   Any bundles that are not picked up by the Waste truck will be collected by Forestry when they come around.

If you have large limbs or downed trees, please remember that damage to private trees is the responsibility of the property owner and use of qualified contractors for clean-up work is recommended for safety and insurance reasons. City staff are typically available to provide general advice to property owners regarding private tree concerns, however, requests of this nature may experience significant delays in response pending the resolution of the ongoing clean-up effort to public property and trees.  Again, if you cannot get your branches to the end of your driveway, then you must contact a private contractor yourself. 

Wet and damaged items from flooding.  Garbage quantity/limits will be waived through to Monday, July 29th (inclusive) Transfer stations and Community Recycling Centres (for large bulk item drop off and leaf and yard waste recycling) will also be waived until the end of day on Saturday, July 27.    Please do your best to sort your items as best you can, recycle where possible and remove spoiled food from its packaging and place the spoiled food into the Green Cart.   All debris will be picked up, what does not fit into the Garbage Truck Packers, will be picked up by staff.  Again, we ask for your patience and ask that if you can make arrangements to get the items to a transfer station yourself, that would assist greatly in the clean up efforts.

 Our City Staff are working overtime trying to get to all the downed trees.   If by the end of the week you are aware of downed trees and limbs on City property and or road allowances that do not have a pylon beside them or haven’t been picked up, please let us know.   We would like to make sure that Forestry has all locations on their list for cleanup.  

Councillor Johnson would like to thank everyone for their patience at this time.   Brenda would also like to thank everyone including our staff for assisting in areas that helped make our roadways and community safe.

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