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City’s storm response and clean up tips for residents

City of Hamilton crews are continuing to respond to damage caused by the wind storm over the weekend.

Forestry crews have received approximately 126 calls for reports of storm related tree issues and are continuing to prioritize their responses based on public safety.

With excess amounts of fallen leaves and branches as a result of the storm, the City will resume curbside yard waste collection for two weeks beginning today until Friday, December 24, 2021. Residents are asked to place their yard waste at the curbside on their regular waste collection day and it will be collected by the end of the week. Residents are reminded that they can also drop their yard waste off at a Community Recycling Centre for free.

Residents cleaning up their own properties are advised to properly dispose of debris and branches. Tips for proper recycling of leaf and yard waste:

  1. Use paper bags, not plastic

  2. Use open top reusable rigid containers (i.e. bins, baskets or a garbage can without a lid) preferably marked with a City of Hamilton yard waste sticker.

  3. Do not use cardboard boxes or blue bins for yard waste

  4. Ensure bags and containers weigh less than 50 pounds

  5. Bundle branches and twigs and tie them together with string in bundles no longer than 1.2m (4ft) and .75m (2.5ft) in diameter. Individual branches can’t be larger than 7cm (2.5in) in diameter. Branches that are more than 7 cm (or 2.5 in) in diameter should be dropped off at Community Recycling Centres.

  6. Do not let branches stick out of the yard waste bag

  7. Do not put leaf and yard waste in the Green Bin

Residents can call 905-546-2489 to report sewer back-ups, flooding over roadways, fallen trees and branches on public property or debris in drainage ditches or culverts.

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