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City of Hamilton announces new Leak Protection Program for homeowners

The City of Hamilton has implemented a new Leak Protection Program to cover excess costs resulting from unexpected water leaks in the home.

The new program will cover qualifying leaks up to $2,500 once every 24 months for residential customers who may incur any unexpected expense on their water bill that leaky pipes can cause. All residents are automatically covered by the program which is administered by ServLine.

Key benefits of the new Leak Protection Program – as outlined in the City’s Water Leak Adjustment Policy – include:

  1. Ability to submit one claim every 24 months

  2. Coverage of 100 per cent of excess charges up to $2,500

  3. Eligibility for all homeowners, including residential rental properties, who have their own water meter

  4. Qualifying leaks adjusted back to resident’s average bill over the previous 12 months

Information on the new Leak Protection Program guidelines and qualifications is available at

Residents who have questions or wish to file a claim should call ServLine at 1-888-977-7471.

Additional Resources

  1. Learn more about the new Leak Protection Program at

  2. Water Leak Adjustment Policy

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