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Binbrook Village “Hwy #56” Road Construction

The Signs are up announcing the construction will start on February 8th and to expect Road Delays.

This is a major urbanizing project for Hwy #56 within the Village of Binbrook only.   You will see the following once the project is complete near the end of 2016:

  1. 3 lanes of traffic, 1 northbound, 1 southbound and 1 centre turning lane.

  2. Signalized traffic light Southbrook/Windwood Intersection.

  3. Intersection upgrades at Binbrook Rd

  4. Pedestrian layovers in the centre of the road to assist pedestrians with crossing at random locations.

  5. Bike lanes

  6. Sidewalks and curbs will replace the ditches and shoulders.

This project will start at the south end of the Village of Binbrook (Southbrook & Windwood) and move north to Cemetery Rd.   Please note that there will be no upgrades or road construction to Hwy #56 from Cemetery Road to Rymal Rd, it will remain as it is.

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