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Binbrook Fairgrounds “no off leash dogs”

Just to let you know, the Binbrook Agriculture Society (BAS) has removed their permission to allow dogs without leashes on their private property (fairgrounds).

Please note, the BAS have been awesome community members allowing you the residents to use their track for you and your pets to get some exercise. As the property owners, they asked the residents to please clean up after their pets and manage their pet’s behavior toward others to avoid any litigation/insurance issues.

Unfortunately there have been MANY incidents of inappropriate behaviors of dogs off leash who were being aggressive towards joggers as well as other dogs and pet owners not picking up after their pets.

A photo was taken last week that showed an off leash dog and the owner not picking up the waste.  Apparently 2 children stepped into it shortly after the photo was taken before the photographer could stop them.

I want to take the time to thank the BAS members for allowing the residents to use their property. I know many of you use the grounds to walk, go jogging or just hang out and talk. You are still welcome to walk your “leashed” dog as long as you pick up their waste. As a community, we don’t want to see a further loss of privileges on this property. When visiting the location, lets help the BAS by being considerate of others and follow their simple rules.

If you are looking for a leash free park, you are welcome to visit 2 locations, 1) the new “dog free leash” park on Mud Street just west of Centennial Parkway and 2) the other location is at the SPCA on Dartnall just south of Rymal.

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