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Be Aware of Phone/Text Scams

They are out there and they can seem very real and scary, but be cautious.

One such phone scam claims they are Revenue Canada and they will issue a warrant for your arrest if you do not respond immediately. Yes, this is definitely a SCAM.

Another is advising that your Social Insurance Number has been suspended as a result of suspicious activity. Yes, definitely another SCAM.

There are some texts and calls from your Cable provider wanting to give you money back and they ask for your bank information. Another SCAM again.

CERB or CRB texts advising that you qualify for a Covid payment and all they need is your bank account and they will deposit it directly. Totally another SCAM.

And of course, the SCAM advising you that they can get you a COVID vaccine right away for a fee…. total SCAM

A good rule of thumb to remember is that any of the above government offices or companies would NOT phone or text you about anything to do with your account. The government would mail you a notice and your bank or service provider would include any credit to your account in your next statement or mail your directly.

If you want to check to confirm if something is accurate or not, YOU look up the actual phone number for the company and call them yourself to confirm the information.

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