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ATV & Dirt Bike Trespassing !

At a recent meeting that I hosted with members of the Hamilton Wentworth Soil & Crop Assoc and the Hamilton Police the issue of trespassing was hot on the agenda.  Land owners are concerned with trespassing and damages done to their crops and property.  Residents requested better response and priority from the police department as trespassing is costing thousands and thousands of dollars  in crop damages and fencing damage and needs. 

The main point that was driven home at this meeting is agriculture land is not a play ground for residents to trespass and run their ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles on.  If you don’t have the land owners permission, you are trespassing and can be charged, fined and even lose your vehicle.

Residents at the meeting were concerned about past responses to trespassing calls and lack of action, but they were quickly advised by police that this will no longer be the case. 

The Hamilton Police are making trespassing a priority and they have purchased ATV’s that police will be using to patrol.  Police are asking everyone to call in and let them know where trespassing is occurring.  Give them as much detail as you can, such as location, time of day, type or colour of trespassing vehicle and personal information such as name and address if you are aware of that.  The number to call is 905-546-4925 and give your details.   If you can’t identify the user or vehicle, just let them know the area as they are tracking that as well. 

As your Councillor I’m working closely with the community and the local police to try and get trespassing under control.   Enough is enough, I’m hearing from the agriculture community that they are frustrated with people trespassing and destroying their crops and property.  I’m hearing from residents in urban developed areas that they are tired of the noise and dust from ATV & dirt bike users and they want it stopped.  In order to get it stopped everyone has to do their part and call in the locations so that police can track and respond.

The police advise that if you are using an ATV or Dirt Bike and you are not on your own property, then the vehicle must be licensed, it must be insured and you must carry registration for it.  And, if you drive it on the road it must be plated and you need a drivers license.   There are also age limits as well for the use of these vehicles. 

We are working on creating an information brochure that will be available with more detail about ATV use and trespassing, but for now we are asking the community to call in your trespassing complaints or concerns to the police and the number again is 905-546-4925.  If you need any further detail by all means, feel free to contact me at 905-546-4513 or email or my web page

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