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Agriculture land is not a play ground for residents

A reminder that if you ride a SNOW MOBILE, ATV or any OFF ROAD VEHICLE through rural fields and trails you MUST get written permission from the property owner before doing so. Otherwise you will be charged with trespassing, fined and can even lose your vehicle. Please respect our farmers and their properties. Agriculture land is not a play ground for residents to trespass and run their ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles on.

These vehicles can ruin crops and land and threaten a farmers livelihood. A $10,000 machine can do $10,000 in damage very quickly.

Police are asking everyone to call in and let them know where trespassing is occurring.  Give them as much detail as you can, such as location, time of day, type or colour of trespassing vehicle and personal information such as name and address if you are aware of that.  The number to call is 905-546-4925 and give your details.   If you can’t identify the user or vehicle, just let them know the area.

Areas Off Limits as well… – Railroad Property – Conservation areas including trails – Beaches and Parks – Utility Corridors – Hamilton Roadways (limited exemptions)

For more information about the law and your Off Road Vehicle call Hamilton Police Service 905-546-4925

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