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2 Upcoming Community “Policing” Meetings

On Saturday, February the 6th, 2016, Councillor Johnson will be hosting 2 community meetings to address community policing issues.   Both meetings are on the same day and they are as follows:

Sat., Feb., 6th @ 10am – Glanbrook Municipal Building, 4280 Binbrook Rd (next to Arena)

Sat., Feb., 6th @ 2pm – Stoney Creek Municipal Building, 777 Hwy #8 @ Jones Rd

The Police will be on hand to give an overview of the crime statistics for the given area of  Ward 11 and they will also talk about what they are doing in response to these statistics and requests for service.   Police will also talk about what residents can do to create a neighbourhood watch type of environment in your community.  A presentation will be made and there will be time for questions and answers.

This is the first community meeting that has been scheduled for a Saturday.  Some parents brought to Councillor Johnson’s attention the fact that they are unable to attend week night meetings as they are busy with work, dinner & getting the kids into bed.  I was asked if I could try and do a community meeting that wasn’t on a week night, so let’s see how a Saturday afternoon works for everyone.

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