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Roads are plowed based on priority. The first priority is main routes and escarpment crossings. The second priority is collector roads and the third priority is neighbourhood streets.

Snow Removal Truck

Snow not plowed 24 hours after a snow event?

Call 905-546-2489 to report.

Snow Clearing - Roads and Sidewalks


The City of Hamilton’s Plow Tracking map allows you to see where our maintenance vehicles have been in the last 2, 4, 12 and 24 hours.

Follow the Road Snow Plows

Sidewalk Snow Plowing 

Certain streets (usually arterial roads) have sidewalks plowed by the City of Hamilton. 

Follow the Sidewalk Snow Plows



The City currently clears 397 km of sidewalks across Hamilton including: sidewalks adjacent to municipally owned property, private lots which do not face the road (reverse frontage lots), Ancaster, and sidewalks adjacent to school property, owned by the Public School Boards, in conjunction with City of Hamilton By-law No. 03-296 on a charge-back basis.

The implementation of service enhancements will add 469 km of sidewalk, bringing the total amount where sidewalk snow clearing activities will be conducted to 866 km.

Snow clearing will be activated when accumulation is 5 cm or greater and cleared of snow and ice with de-icing material as needed.

As of November 2022, the City has implemented a level of service enhancement for sidewalk snow clearing along Priority 1 & 2A roadways where transit operates and transit stops. This level of service enhancement will further aid residents in accessing transit options City-wide during the winter months.


The City of Hamilton’s Snow and Ice By-law No. 03-296 requires property owners and/or occupants to clear snow and ice within 24 hours after the end of a snow event from:

  • sidewalks adjacent to their property

  • roofs that overhang the City sidewalk

Help a neighbour, friend or family and assist those who are not able to clear the snow. 

Snow Angels Program

A volunteer-driven snow removal service for low-income seniors and/or people with disabilities who live in Hamilton to ensure the safety of the residents and their caregivers.

Learn More about Snow Angels 

Snow Events

In the event of a significant weather event, updates will be posted on the City's Twitter/X account.


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