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Ward 11 is served by two different Roads departments.

Roads South: Serves Ward 11 west of (and including) Trinity Church Road and north of the conservation area to Rymal Road.  

Roads East:  Serves Ward 11 east of Trinity Church Road to Westbrook Rd and Conservation to Haldibrook Road. 

For information on Road Closures please call: 

905-546-CITY (905-546-2489)

City traffic

ROADS Information

Vehicle Damage ? 

Risk Management Department Information

If your vehicle is damaged by a pothole or other road maintenance issue:

  • report the pothole or road hazard

  • see a licensed motor vehicle mechanic

  • do not drive your vehicle if it is not working properly.


Your vehicle insurance policy may provide coverage for this type of loss. Call your insurance company or broker for more information.

The City investigates and fixes road hazards. Claims made to the City for property damage are examined individually. 

Submit a Property Damage Claim

You must describe:

  • your name, address and phone number

  • date and time of occurrence

  • how it happened 

  • what was damaged

  • names of contractors, equipment, operators where possible


How to Submit

You must submit a claim in writing to:


City of Hamilton
Risk Management Services
71 Main Street West, Suite 1101
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y5

When Risk Management Services receives your claim, they start an investigation. You will receive a written reply in the mail to let you know they received your claim. A decision on your claim is made when all of the information has been reviewed.

Contacts for Roads
by Issue

Report Potholes, Sinkholes & Road Cuts on City-maintained Streets

  • A sinkhole is a natural depression in the surface that is much deeper or larger than a pothole. They vary in size from less than a metre to several hundred metres.

  • A pothole is a defect in the roadway caused by pavement fatigue, poor support beneath the surface or moisture penetration. Potholes vary in size, depth and shape.

  • A road cut is a clean, smooth, square cut where there is water or sewer replacement or utility work being done.

How to Report

Call 905-546-2489

You will need to report:

  • location of the hole & what it looks like

For Provincial routes, call MTO at 1-866-636-0663.

Report Street Sweeping/Dust on Road

The City cleans streets on a seasonal basis. If there is construction in the area, there may be dust or mud build up on your road.

After you report a problem, we will clean your street the next time we are in your area.

How to Report

Call 905-546-2489


Online Complaint Form

Report Trees or Debris on Road


You are responsible for debris that falls from a private tree on your property. You are also responsible for maintenance or damages.

If possible, remove City and private tree branch debris off the road or sidewalk and package it into four foot bundles for pick up on your regular garbage day. 


How to Report

Call 905-546-2489

To report:

  • fallen tree that is on City or private property

  • fallen tree/branch that is blocking roadway or sidewalk

Mud Tracking

Fouling the highway or mud tracking is when a vehicle spills or tracks mud, soil or building materials when leaving or entering a property, onto a city street. Drivers need to make sure their vehicles are not tracking materials onto the street. If material gets on the street, it is the driver’s responsibility to clean it.

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers can investigate. If they find a violation they will ensure the operator is aware of their responsibility to keep the street clean. If there are subsequent violations officers can issue a Fee for Inspection and may issue a ticket and/or court actions.


How to Report

Call 905-546-2489


Online Complaint Form

Mud Tracking in New Development Sites

Dust and mud tracking is common when new development is being built. The City will ensure that the developer fulfils the responsibility of periodic road cleaning.


How to Report

To complain about the condition of a street in a new development site


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