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QR Fitness Trails

A new way to exercise. Use your smartphone to scan codes, watch instructional videos and follow the trail for a full workout at any level. Each trail features seven QR signs that take the participant through a full workout, from warm up to cool down, with beginner, intermediate and advanced options.

Don’t have a smartphone? Not a problem, the fitness instructions are also displayed on the sign.

How the QR Fitness Trails work 1. Start out at your favourite trail 2. Locate sign #1 and follow the fitness instructions displayed or use the scanner 3. Continue through to signs #2 to #7 for various exercises at your desired workout level.

Fitness Trail Locations In Ward 11 • Bellagio Park, 50 Bellagio Avenue, Mount Hope • Fairgrounds Water Tower Park, 305 Fall Fair Way, Binbrook • Southampton Estates Park, 185 Thames Way, Mount Hope

Near Ward 11 • Sackville Hill Park Pathway, 780 Upper Wentworth St, Hamilton • T.B. McQuesten Community Park, 1199 Upper Wentworth St, Hamilton • Valley Park, 970 Paramount Drive, Stoney Creek

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