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Positive Change for a Safer Community

Councillor Brenda Johnson is working with the City of Hamilton’s two Conservative M.P.’s Dean Allison and David Sweet, to arrange a meeting with the Federal Justice Minister Peter McKay.  Brenda wants to talk about what he needs from the residents in order to make a positive change for a safer community.

The recent issue with a “Sex Offender” moving into the Fruitland Road area created a lot of stress and havoc for the community.  Hamilton Police issued a notice making the community aware.   Councillor Johnson worked closely with the police and the community to get the work out quickly.  “If the Police are concerned, so should we” Councillor Johnson stated.

Now that the Offender is in custody, Brenda doesn’t believe it should stop there.   She wants to meet with the Minister of Justice to find out what needs to be done to make changes to our justice system.   Councillor Johnson wants positive change for a safer community.   Let’s find out what’s needed and let’s get it done.

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