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Bulky Rigid Plastic Recycling

For a limited time, the City of Hamilton will be accepting, FREE of charge, bulky, rigid, hard plastic items, that are not accepted in blue box.  Please bring them to the Mountain Community Recycling Centre (37 Kilbride Rd, Hamilton from 8am – 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Acceptable Items

  1. Plastic Buckets & Pails

  2. Plastic Crates & Trays

  3. Plastic Laundry Baskets

  4. Plastic lawn Furniture

  5. Plastic Pet Carriers

  6. Plastic Pots

  7. Large Plastic Toys

  8. Plastic Playhouses

  9. Totes & Tool Cases

  10. Plastic Garbage Cans

  11. Recycling Bins

Non-Acceptale Items

Non-acceptable items include: vinyl siding and panels, piping and tubing, garden hoses, car bumpers and VHS/audio tapes.  These items are garbage. 


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