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Binbrook 10 Storey Building Application Update

Councillor Johnson will be hosting an informal meeting for any residents who are considering attending or participating at the April 19th OMB hearing regarding the application for a 10 storey building at 3033, 3047, 3055 and 3053 Binbrook Road (behind Shoppers Drug Mart). (OMB Case # PL170981)

The Councillor will be available at this time to talk with residents about the process and what to expect at the OMB hearing. She will also be able to respond to information requests that can assist you with this process.

If you are interested, the meeting will be on Thursday, April 12th at 6:30pm at the Glanbrook Office, 4280 Binbrook Rd., next to the Glanbrook Arena.

Please remember that if you wish your comments heard and are unable to attend, you can email the OMB case worker on the file If you could cc Councillor Johnson on your letters to Graham Frank, it would be appreciated. (

As a reminder the following is the post from the my web page regarding this proposed application.

See below some frequently asked questions regarding this case:


Will this hearing be heard under the old OMB rules or under the new LPAT rules? (See CBC article for more information on the change – OMB CBC Article)

We’ve inquired with the OMB about this and what they have told us is that part of the new LPAT act legislates that all matters currently proceeding before the OMB will continue to be processed as a legacy file under the OMB Act. So this case will still be processed under the old OMB rules. They will start using LPAT legislation on new files coming forward.

When & Where will the hearing take place? The OMB Prehearing regarding the proposed ten storey building on Binbrook Road, will take place at Dundas Town Hall, 2nd Floor Audit/OMB Hearing Room, located at 60 Main Street, Dundas Hamilton, Ontario, L9H1C8 on Thursday, April 19,2018 at 10:00am

Why has this application gone to the Ontario Municipal Board? The developer was aware that city staff & the councillor would deny their application in its current form. In order to avoid this denial decision, the developer decided instead to take this application directly to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The City was never given the opportunity to deny this project as the developer bypassed this process and went straight to the OMB.

Why is this hearing being held in Dundas and not in Glanbrook? The Ontario Municipal Board holds all of their Hamilton meetings in Dundas as that is their current office location. They are presently building an office downtown, once construction is completed they will be moving their offices there. Brenda has asked staff to move future meetings regarding this application to the Glanbrook Municipal Centre, however they unfortunately are unable to do so because the building doesn’t have the required wheelchair accessibility for the OMB hearing format.

I signed a Petition, What happened to it? The petition that was signed by numerous people last year has been given to the City lawyers who will be able to use it during the OMB hearing as a case against the 10 storey building.

I Can’t Attend the Meeting, How Can I Participate? If you are unable to attend the meeting you can write an email or letter with your concerns and send it to the OMB case worker on the file Graham Frank. Graham can be reached by email at or by mail at

Graham Z. Frank Case Coordinator – Planner Ontario Municipal Board Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario 655 Bay Street, 15th Floor Toronto ON, M5G 1E5

Again If you would CC Councillor Johnson ( on your emails to Graham, She and her staff would truly appreciate it.

I plan on attending the hearing, How do I participate when there? To participate at the hearing you must be physically there at the start of the hearing and request party or participant status. For more information on what this means and how to do this, follow the link – OMB Party & Participant. We will be discussing this process at the informal meeting on April 19th.

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