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Winona Fruitland Secondary Plan Update

The recent Open House and Information Session held on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 was very well attended.  Hundreds of residents showed up to seek information and ask questions.  Some just wanted to know what was happening next to them and others had questions about different aspects of the plan.

There were six different stations that residents could obtain information from:

  1. Station 1 – Welcome – City Councillor’s and City staff were available to explain why the Open House is being held and to share information about the process and how your comments would be addressed.

  2. Station 2 – What Does This Mean for Me and My Property – Residents learned what the Secondary Plan means to them and their property by reviewing the maps and Secondary Plan and discussing their questions and comments with City staff.

  3. Station 3 – Roads and Traffic – Residents learned about the Fruitland Road EA, truck traffic and other transportations studies including status of the EA, and how roads and traffic will be reviewed.  Residents were able to talk directly with staff or a Councillor.

  4. Station 4 – Parks and Open Space – Here residents could learn about the Community and Neighbourhood Parks and Schools in the Secondary Plan and options being considered to address concerns.  

  5. Station 5 – Amount and Types of Housing – Residents could learn about the amount and types of housing and where these would be located.   Discussion about height and air drainage issues with City staff took place along with general questions about what zoning meant in different areas.

  6. Station 6 – Where Have We Been and Where are We Going (Secondary Plan Process and Next Steps) – The Secondary Plan process began in 2007/ Provincial Policy requires that the Secondary Plan comply with Provincial and City of Hamilton Planning Policies.   Learn about the public consultation meetings held and the status of the Recommended Plan.  Residents were able to talk one on one with staff and talk about their concerns.

Comment sheets were available at all stations and residents were encouraged to fill them out that evening or submit them by February 14th, 2014 so that they can be included in the Feedback Report  from the Open House.  This feedback report will be available on the City’s web site on February 28, 2014

If you didn’t hand your comment sheet in that evening, please make sure that it gets to

  1. Alissa Mahood,

  2. Planning & Economic Development Department, City of Hamilton,

  3. 71 Main St W., 6th Floor,

  4. Hamilton, Ontario,

  5. L8P 4L5. 

  6. Phone 905-546-2424, ext 1250,

  7. Fax: 905-540-5611 

  8. Email

The Winona Fruitland Secondary Plan Report will be on the April 15th, 2014 Planning & Economic Development Committee Meeting Agenda.  The Councillor’s on the Planning Committee will deal with the Staff report on this issue and make recommendations to Council.   These meetings will take place at Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main St W., 2nd Floor, Hamilton.

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