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Waste and Recycling Services

Councillor Johnson has been receiving a few calls about missed pickup, we have contacted the waste department and most issues have been corrected quickly.   A couple of tips to remember,  you must place your items out at the curb by 7am.  You may have a normal time of day when things are picked up, but sometimes routes change or there is a different driver and if you don’t put it out until later and you get missed, it’s not the contractors fault.    Also, from time to time a street just gets missed, please wait through the day.  If near the end of the day and you are still not picked up, give us a call and the staff will insure that the truck comes around and picks up your street, either same day or the next day.

If you haven’t got a waste calendar, please give us a call or drop by your local municipal service centre.  Calendars are great reminders of items to be picked up and what is recyclable and what isn’t.  If also reminds you of the delays to pick ups when there is a holiday.    The two Municipal Service Centres in Ward 11 are at 4280 Binbrook Road and 777 Hwy #8 (at Jones Rd) in Stoney Creek.  These center’s have recycling bins on hand, should you need any extras and they call also assist with any other pickup needs/questions that you may have.

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