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Ward 11 Flooding

If you have experienced flooding in your home can you please let us know by calling us at 905-546-4513 or emailing us via this page. Councillor Johnson wants to track the areas of flooding so that staff can focus on any potentional problems. If you are in an urban area, we would like to know if the flooding was from the storm sewer (sump pump) water, or was it sanitary sewer, ie) laundry tubs or bathroom overflow.

The city does have a Flood Relieve HotLine number 905-667-3157 and you are encouraged to call this number for information about possible assistance with your situation.

Also, if you are connected to city sewers and you do not have a reverse back flow valve on your sewer connection, please let us know and we’ll contact you when the program is ready to start. The City Grant is $2,000 to cover the costs of a qualified contractor installing a back flow valve for you.

This week is the grace week for the City’s waste pickup. If you were inpact by the storm the quantity limit will be waived this week only. Please call 905-546-2489 in order to make sure that you put your waste out correctly so that it is picked up.

If resident call in, they can book a bulk pick up for the next week on their garbage day, and the limit on the number of items that we will pick up will be waived, usually it is 4 items. Please call 905-546-2489 and let them know what you are putting out so that it will be picked up without delay.

We are aware of 2 residents in the Binbrook Areas that had rain meters, the one in the rural area 2-3 miles east of the Village, recorded 4.5 inches of rainfall. Another resident in the Village of Binbrook recorded just short of 6 inches of rain and this all occured in approx 2 hours or less.

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