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Speeding & Aggressiving Driving Hotline 905-546-1768

If you see speeding and/or aggressive driving please call the aggressive driver hotline (905-546-1768). The hotline is a number that concerned citizens may call if they witness an act of bad driving on the streets of Hamilton. Driving complaints can also be submitted by email to

THe call is anonymous but please give as much detail as you can including if possible, the date & time of the offence, the location of the offence, the license plate number of the offending vehicle, a description of the offending vehicle and a brief summary of the events that have taken place.

“Slow Down, Safety Zone” lawn signs are also available through Councillor Johnson’s office to help combat speeders. These signs are free of charge however a $2 donation to the food bank is appreciated. Contact Councillor Johnson’s office at 905-546-4513 to arrange to receive a lawn sign.

Slowdown Signs
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