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Sewer work on Hwy 8

Attention: Residents & Businesses Cleaning, inspection and cured-in-place structural rehabilitation of the existing sewers on Highway No. 8, partially between Bel Air Avenue and Winona Road in the City of Hamilton Dear Sir/Madam: The City of Hamilton has a contract with Insituform Technologies Inc. to rehabilitate the existing sewer on your street. The sewer will be rehabilitated using a “No-Dig” sewer lining method so there will be very few if any excavations required to complete this work. To facilitate this “No-Dig” method, some temporary restrictions to street parking may be required and, as such, your patience and cooperation will be appreciated. Subject to weather conditions, the sewer rehabilitation is scheduled to take place in the near future. For a day or so during the work, we may request your co-operation by restricting your sewage usage as much as possible. A confirmation notice of the lining works will be hand delivered to your property 24 hours in advance of the anticipated rehabilitation works (if you are affected) from Insituform. SHOULD IT BE NECESSARY THAT YOU REQUIRE FULL USAGE OF YOUR SEWER ON THE LINING DATE, PLEASE CONTACT THIS OFFICE SO THAT ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS CAN BE MADE. Please also note that this activity may result in working into the evening hours so that all sewer connections from the houses are reinstated into the City’s sewer. We apologize for any inconvenience that any work associated noise may cause and ask for your patience while we complete the rehabilitation. This notice is your connection to the City’s Construction Section. Pleasekeep it in a convenient location for future reference. As well, please refer to the general notes on the reverse side of this page. We ask for your co-operation during this period and request that any questions regarding this work be directed to either: • The City’s on-site inspector, Dan Lenko • Construction Technician, Hazel Rodrigues 905-546-2424, ext. 2438 • Project Manager, Randy Carr 905-546-2424, ext. 4317 • The City of Hamilton Construction Section 905-546-4313

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