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Sewer Odour Issue in Binbrook

Odour issues in Binbrook are concerning for the City and staff are working diligently to determine the cause(s) and solution(s) to the issue. To date, the City has installed biofilters on 10 maintenance covers along Regional Road 56 and Centennial Parkway, as well as carbon scrubbers at the Binbrook Sewage Pumping Station and on four “candy cane” ventilation stacks in the Binbrook area.

The City is currently working on the installation of a hydrogen peroxide injection system at the Binbrook Sewage Pumping Station to address the odours.

Staff will continue monitoring odours in the area to ensure this solution does address the odours and will investigate further solutions if necessary.

We thank residents for their patience as we work to navigate and find solutions to this complex issue.

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