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Rabies Update

Councillor Brenda Johnson would like you to know that there is no panic, but people are certainly talking it and that’s good.  That’s good because it’s reminding people to do their diligence and get those pets vaccinated.

It’s very, very common to encounter raccoons in Ward 11 and Brenda would like to remind residents not to feed or touch the occasionally aggressive animals.   They are not cutesy creatures, they are wild and it’s best to keep your distance even in normal circumstances.

Councillor Johnson is confident that the plan in place by 3 levels of government that includes dropping bate that has rabies vaccine will help a lot.  This method has proven to be very helpful in the past.   All wildlife eat the bate which is very attractive to them.   This bate is being circulated by ground methods as well as air and it is not harmful if humans touch it.

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