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Pandemic Hero – Do you know one?

Councillor Brenda Johnson wants to recognize Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes .

During these strange times, we have heard lots of stories of Glanbrook residents who have reached out to help others who are struggling.

We are asking the community to nominate people who they consider a Glanbrook pandemic hero and share their stories with our community.

We will be selecting one person as the Grand Prize winner but we would like to also recognize everyone nominated with a small gift.

A Pandemic Hero can be any age, young or old, can be a resident or someone who works in Glanbrook and all deeds whether big or small are worthy of recognition.

Examples can be a simple as

. Calling people who are shut in . Picking up groceries or essential items to help someone out. . Regularly donating to a food bank or similar . Giving those in need rides to appointments or other . Shovelling or assisting with yard work for someone who needs the help . Creating online initiatives . Pretty much anything or everything that helps during this pandemic.

So think about it, if you know someone then nominate them and let’s show them they are recognized and appreciated for their good deeds.

Submissions should be 200 words or less. Please include the name and address of the person you wish to nominate as well as your name and address.

Please email your submissions to by end of day April 1st, 2021.

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