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Health Tip – Spring Ahead

With the season of renewal fast approaching, you might be wondering what you can do to stay active now that skiing season is almost over, the ice skating rinks are closing up and you’re feeling a bit of “cabin fever” from being in the gym for most of your winter workouts. Well, the best thing to do is “spring to it” and start planning ahead. Here are some helpful tips to spring into the new season!

Take your bike out of storage and give it the ABC’s check over. Plan ahead so it’s ready when the weather changes and you can bike into the new season without missing a beat. Check your running shoes for wear and tear and/or if you have been running on that treadmill all winter and only have a pair of indoor shoes, you might need to make a trip to the mall to find a new pair of hiking shoes/boots. Take a look at Hamilton’s Recreation Guide. It’s a great time to look ahead and plan your spring fun! Are you a golfer? Maybe check out a “golf conditioning” workshop! Enjoy yoga? Why not see if there is a yoga class happening in a recreation centre near you? Do you have inline skates? Pull them out of the closet and check the brake to see if it’s worn down. Do the wheels need replacing or rotating? Check for cracks on the bottom and wear on the inside edge. Do the bearings need to be cleaned? Check for grit and dirt and give them a good wipe.

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