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Following the Storm, Support for Seniors & Residents:

 Seniors and residents with no insurance or supports can call the City of Hamilton at 905.546.3057 for assistance with, and assessment of, storm clean-up needs.

 As well, in the wake of Friday night’s storm, the City of Hamilton will also be providing eligible households in need who lost food due to the power outage with grocery store gift cards starting today at 2:00 p.m. The gift cards will be made available at four (4) local food banks during the food banks’ regular hours of operation: Neighbour to Neighbour, Good Shepherd, St. Matthews House and Salvation Army.

 Eligibility is based on the LICO (Low Income Cut-Off) and applicants must provide their name, address, source of income, family size and proof of income level with a social assistance stub, pay stub or pension stub. Eligible single people will receive a $50 gift card, eligible couples a $75 gift card, and eligible families of three or more household members a $100 gift card.

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