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Boundary Review for Firearms Discharge

Public Safety a Priority in New & Future Housing Development Area

HAMILTON, ON – April 7, 2016 – The City of Hamilton is reviewing the Discharge of Firearms By-Law in response to the increase in housing development over the past decade, and future planned development, within areas that overlap with Hamilton’s currently permitted firearm discharge areas.

This will be the first time that the City of Hamilton has reviewed by-law 05-114 since it was enacted in 2005. The by-law’s maps indicate where the discharge of a firearm or bow is now permitted, primarily in Hamilton’s rural areas, including Glanbrook, Binbrook and Flamborough.

“City staff is not looking to change the bylaw, nor to prohibit firearm discharge within the City of Hamilton,” says Marty Hazell, Senior Director of Parking and By-Law Services.

“Due to new and future housing developments, the City is examining expanding the boundaries that surround urban residential areas for safety reasons.”

The City’s primary objective is to review the boundaries where it is prohibited to fire a firearm. Currently, guns and crossbows are being examined to determine how their use will be affected by a change in the boundaries.

“We are at a very preliminary stage. Any proposed changes to the by-law, including re-drafts of the maps, will not move forward until proper consultation with the public, firearm-related associations and businesses, and other regulatory bodies take place in an organized process,” adds Hazell.

Further information will be presented at City of Hamilton Planning Committee on May 18 and will outline the next steps for public consultation. The City will be hosting public consultations with affected parties throughout the summer and fall to gain community feedback. Dates and locations for public consultation are not yet confirmed – information will be posted on the public meetings page of the city website.

For more information, listen to the clip from Planning Committee where the Firearms Discharge Bylaw was discussed and skip to 3:11:00:

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