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Binbrook Skate Board Park

Meeting is tonight Wed., Nov 20th starting at 7pm at the Binbrook Memorial Hall, 2600 Hwy 56, in front of the Fair Grounds. This meeting is further to the meeting I held last Fall, where approx 70 Binbrook Youth attended to talk about what they wanted to see in the Village of Binbrook. A skate board part was the number one think the youth wanted. I gave a commitment that the youth would be involved in planning their skateboard park after I found the location and the dollars for it. Working with staff, I’ve located the money and a location for the skate park and now it’s planning time. Staff will be taking the lead on this meeting with Youth so that they can learn about and make choices about the types of skateboarding equip they would like to see in the Binbrook Skate Board Park. The location for this park is by the Binbrook Water Tower, beside and forming part of the existing parking lot and it is being planned to be in place and operation by late spring 2014.

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