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Automatic Tax Payments and the Cyber Security Incident

February 28th/29th has come and gone.

Your automatic property tax payment didn't leave your account.

What is going on?

You may have questions about how the Cyber Security incident is going to affect your pre-authorized tax payments with the City of Hamilton.

Our office has obtained the most current information available to assist:

If you are on the Instalment pre-authorized payment plan, the February 29th withdrawal may be delayed.
Please do not make a separate payment and instead ensure the funds remain in your bank account for when the withdrawal will eventually go through.
 At this time, we cannot determine if there will be a delay and if so, for how long. Taxpayers should not be concerned if the funds are not withdrawn on the scheduled date. Please ensure to keep the funds in your bank account for when the withdrawal eventually goes through. Taxpayers will not incur penalty and interest charges as a result of the potential delay in the scheduled withdrawal.
 More information concerning service disruptions and impacts can be found at

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