1. A farm tractor plowing snow
2. A snow pile taller than you
3. A field with untouched snow
4. A Snowman
5. A driveway only partially plowed
6. Someone using a shovel to clear snow
7. A Canada Flag
8. A black squirrel
9. A grey squirrel
10. A squirrels nest
11. A birds nest
12. Bunny tracks
13. Dog tracks
14. A driveway with a car covered in snow
15. A driveway with snow banks on the sides
16. A bird house
17. A mail box with snow on top of it.
18. Smoke coming from a chimney
19. A toboggan sitting or standing on snow
20. Snowmobile
21. Someone walking with their dog
22. A barn with snow on the roof
23. A tall snow drift
24. Snow on the hydro line
25. A Canada Flag
26. Corn still in the field
27. A Robin
28. A Blue or Red coloured bird
29. Wild animal tracks
30. A shovel stuck in a pile of snow

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