The City of Hamilton initiated the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA process) for Dickenson Road between Upper James and Glancaster Road within the Airport Employment Growth District subject to the approved Secondary Plan area.

The corridor has been identified for improvements to address long-term transportation requirements and to provide a transportation network consistent with the Airport Employment Growth District Secondary Plan. The Class EA will consider options to address multi-modal traffic needs associated with planned development, including additional infrastructure to support increased transit, active transportation and municipal servicing requirements (watermain, sanitary sewer and drainage improvements) along the corridor.

On March 3rd, 2020 there was a public information centre held to present background information for the Dickenson Road corridor widening and reconstruction, key constraints within the study area and recommendations from previous studies. To view the panels from this open house meeting please follow the link below.

PIC 1_Dickenson Road EA Display Panels

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