3311 Homestead Drive:
Sonoma Homes has submitted a revised site plan application for the lands south of Airport Road, east of Homestead Drive & west of Upper James Street in Mount Hope.
The applicant is proposing the development of a 600m two storey commercial office building, along with 167 Townhouse dwellings consisting of two and three storey designs. With respect to parking, 59 visitor parking spaces is being proposed for the townhouse dwellings and 22 spaces and one loading space are proposed for the commercial office building.

Please note this plan has been altered to reduce the overall units by 30 and also remove all back to back townhomes.

This application is still under review by the city’s development review team.

3311 Homestead Drive

3300 Homestead Drive
The City of Hamilton has received an application to develop a three storey multiple residential building consisting of 24 units and 25 parking spaces at the property of 3300 Homestead Drive. The property is currently zoned mixed use medium density. This application has been tentatively approved pending the fulfilment of conditions set before them by the City of Hamilton’s planning department.

3300 Homestead Drive Apartment

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