RE: Woodburn Road Bridge Replacement 760m North of Guyatt Road

This summer/fall, the Woodburn Road Bridge Replacement; 760m North of Guyatt Road has been

scheduled for replacement. Also, the Woodburn bridge approach road about 100m on both sides of the

bridge will be will be rehabilitated and raised as per the attached sketch (see reverse). We will notify you

again forty-eight hours prior to construction.  The project is expected to start the first week of July, 2015.

We request your patience during construction, as there will be some inconvenience to residents.

Woodburn Road will be closed to through traffic between Guyatt Road and Golf Club Road for the

duration of construction. Local and emergency access will be maintained from either north or south of the


We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding, as we complete upgrades in your



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